• Terrain Carpet
    Our first limited edition run of venetian style carpet is woven utilizing natural shades of alpaca fiber. These rich colors make an elegant statement in any room. READ MORE >>
  • Alpaca Textiles
    We have developed a variety of textiles designed for use in upholstery and home décor. The fiber blends are both beautiful and durable. See our collections page for more information
  • Cotton Blend
    Our new cotton blend offers the durability of alpaca fiber combined with the softness of cotton. This blend can be used in many textile applications. See our cotton blend collection for more information.
  • Alpaca Fiber
    Alpaca fiber has been in use for thousands of years. It is the most versatile and the finest fiber available. With advancements in breeding and weaving we have achieved textile that are very beautiful and useful.

Welcome to American Alpaca Textiles, LLC

American Alpaca Textiles is going global and green with commercially produced alpaca blended fabrics the world will sit, stand, and sleep on.  A reputation for sustainability, elegance and durability place AAT as the frontrunner in the world market for alpaca blended fabrics using American alpaca fiber from the American alpaca farmer.

Our product line includes upholstery fabric, carpeting, drapery and home décor items including: pillows and throws, utilizing American sourced alpaca fiber and blends.

AAT's mission continues to be alpaca blended fabrics and products to the commercial textile market using natural and sustainable fibers.

Earth Collection

Our Earth Collection is the first in our ELEMENTS series of textiles.  The natural colors and textures of this line contribute to the association with their identities.

Each fabric has been designed to its purpose and meets all minimum testing standards for commercial application. The fabrics are woven in a cream color utilizing american sourced and spun alpaca and wool. Special runs of natural colored fabrics will be completed by custom order.  All fabric is woven in 50" width. Minimum yardage orders are required. Please call for pricing and quantity requirements.